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Our Wealth Management practice constructs and maintains diversified investment portfolios considering the universe of options available, while our proprietary investment funds offer complementary exposure to specific investment mandates.


Our primary objective in portfolio design is strong absolute long-term returns with low commensurate volatility.

Investment Tenets

We focus on absolute returns through active portfolio management. Market index weightings are not a consideration.


Our portfolios do not employ the use of debt as it significantly increases risk.


Our thorough and disciplined investment process involves adherence to strict investment criteria which removes the emotion from decision-making.


We invest in companies with experienced and proven management.


We use market volatility to our advantage, strengthening our hand in down periods and harvesting gains in up periods.


Our team’s diversified backgrounds including fund management, corporate boards and management, oil and gas operations, and investment bank research, enable investment analysis from all angles.



Both financial and technical, particularly in respect to energy, provide a critical eye with regard to both opportunity and risk.



Our street-level intelligence results from multi-decade executive and technical relationships in the corporate, investment banking and fund management communities.


Palisade Capital’s long-term performance is supported by these

advantages which enable thorough investment evaluation and

risk management through market cycles.

Our experience, expertise and strategy are best-suited to a focus on
long-term investment results. 
Our best-suited investment partners are clients with a
long-term investment perspective.
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