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Our Firm

Palisade Capital is a Calgary-based portfolio manager and investment fund manager.  We are independent and management-owned.


Since 1998, Palisade Capital has managed investments for high net worth clients, family trusts, foundations, corporations and family offices.


Palisade Capital's suite of complementary investment funds offers a combination of growth and income mandates and includes capital protection strategies.

Our Wealth Management portfolios are constructed using an open architecture approach to consider the full universe of investment funds with the objective of delivering best-in-class solutions encompassing equities, fixed income and alternative investment strategies.  Risk mitigation is a key focus in our portfolio construction.

Through its strategic partnership with Calgary-based The Wealth Council Financial, Palisade Capital clients benefit from the additional wealth management services of financial planning, tax optimization and structuring, insurance strategies and credit solutions.

Our foundational principles include strong alignment of our interests with those of our clients and client cost efficiency.

What is best for our clients

What is Best For Our Clients

This is the first question we ask ourselves in considering every investment and business decision that we make.


We have a history of returning capital to our clients. This is done to mitigate market risk and enable choice and investment flexibility for our clients and is unusual in the fund management industry.  We believe it is important to our client-centric business model.


Our all-in management expense ratios ("MER") are competitive with comparable actively-managed funds. Importantly, our MER are structured to ensure alignment with our clients - we are only rewarded when our clients are rewarded.


Our fee structure is highly transparent.  Palisade Capital does not charge an initial sales fee for purchasing, or redemption fee for selling, units of the Palisade Funds.

The principles that govern


Our clients’ interests always come before our own.



Palisade Capital insiders are largely invested in our funds and portfolios alongside our clients.



Focus on absolute returns through active portfolio 

management — market index weightings are not a consideration.



Disciplined and decisive decision-making through application of specific investment criteria.



Our clients receive clear, thorough, transparent and timely communication.



Our portfolio managers welcome the opportunity to directly discuss our investment outlook, strategy and holdings at any time.

The Principles That Govern Our Client Relationship

Palisade Capital’s INDEPENDENCE sets the foundation. Our motivations are simple — deliver the best long-term investment results possible while managing risk. 
Our success is an outcome of our clients' success.

A steadfast partnership

A Steadfast Partnership
Our ownership in our funds and portfolios along with our client-centric philosophy foster a strong partnership with our clients. 


Palisade Capital is registered with provincial securities regulators in the categories of Portfolio Manager (Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan), Investment Fund Manager (Alberta, Ontario) and Exempt Market Dealer (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario).


Palisade Capital is a member of the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments. 
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