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Wealth Management Portfolio Drivers

The drivers behind our Wealth Management portfolios are focused on our delivery of a very high quality, customized client experience. 

Our entire business is based on your trust, which we will earn and retain


Our portfolios can be tailored to your evolving life requirements 



Your financial matters are time-sensitive and will be respected as such


Our business has been built around strong relationships for decades


Our open architecture framework targets the best investment solutions for your objectives and risk tolerance

Our boutique nature will ensure solutions specific to your needs


We will ensure that you and your younger family members understand the bases underlying our portfolio construction and management

Open Architecture Framework


Palisade extensively uses third-party investment funds in the construction of its portfolios, as opposed to using only internal proprietary funds.


As such, Palisade is able to consider the full universe of investment funds in its objective of establishing best-in-class portfolios for its clients.


Palisade maintains strict criteria in the selection of third-party investment funds for its portfolios.  Clear evidence of specialized skill through a long-term track record is critical.  Equally as important is the manner in which the funds integrate with the broader portfolio to deliver targeted returns with an acceptable level of risk for the specific portfolio mandate.

Alternative Strategies

Palisade integrates alternative investment strategies into its portfolios to enhance capital protection, reduce downside exposure and dampen portfolio volatility.

Enables Palisade clients to allocate capital more similarly to leading high net worth families and institutions who apply alternatives to target increased diversification, greater growth and reduced volatility.

Palisade management has extensive experience in the execution of alternative investment strategies.

Specialty Fixed Income


Palisade integrates specialty fixed income exposure in its portfolios for diversification and investment attributes that are complementary to those of the equities and alternative investment strategies.

In selecting fixed income for its clients, Palisade is sensitive to changing interest rates and selects its solutions accordingly.


Palisade uses the fixed income solutions provided by an independent fixed income specialist with a 25-year track record of managing fixed income investments for institutional and high net worth private clients.

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